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Digital Suites

Obtaining New Customers Can Be Overwhelming. The Good News Is, You Have Options.

Guranteed 5 New Customers a Month!

Website Services

Reason Your Website May Not Be Performing to get customers is… No Website, Slow Speed, Low Ranking, Not Optimized, No Traffic.

As a business, why are you missing out on customer acquisition.

You can setup a website or upgrade your website, and improve your ranking.

It is a known fact that if you build it properly customers will come.

Some Features

Setup, Analyzation, Optimization, Ranking, Traffic, Placement for your website. Now you can have a website that is always targeting the audience you seek.

10% off 10minute quote » Starts from $2,997 Setup @ $297/mo.

Internet services

Why let your business be outperformed and outranked by competitors utilizing PPC campaigns?

Envision your business wasting investments of thousands ($2,000+) of dollars on Pay Per Click campaigns, without supervision erroneously leaving advertisements running up in cost. Oh, lets not forget your business being non-visible on the first or second page of the search engines/directories. Such as google, bing, yahoo, and yelp.

Time to reduce every campaign cost beginning with your first ad. We educate ourselves, analyze your account expenses and perform  competitive research. Click-Through for the company will promote a much better ROI and conversion rates. Rank you on first page guaranteed.

Time to build awareness, generate leads, and drive conversions.

Some Features

PPC, Pay Per Call, Ranking via voice searchable google assistant, google voice, images, SEO to name a few.

10% off 10minute quote » Starts from $697 Per Platform
Mobile APP Services

Why is your business competing with technology?

Over 70% Businesses Said That They Need A Mobile App but A lot of them merely can’t manage it or can’t afford it. Let alone your company leveraging the 194 billion apps downloaded in 2018.

Connect with 73% of the UNITED STATES that use smart devices to access the net everyday, as well as the majority of individuals do not leave their homes without their smartphones.

Simply reach more relevant audiences throughout all mobile platforms. Increase customer interaction and retention rate increase. Use these mobile platforms focus on excellent customer service.

Some Features

Setup FB Mobile App., Setup Website Mobile App., Setup Mobile App, Ranking and Optimization.

10% off 10minute quote » Starts from $1,497 Per App.
Leads services

Another business is destined to fall short of growth. If you don’t obtain sufficient leads a.k.a. customers.

“Sorry, WE ARE CLOSED!” due to not enough clients.

Why not collaborate with us through digital suite membership. Leverage your membership, that delivers prospects to your inbox, phone, text, social media,  and front door.

Feedback… from you, from others, from anyone. Acquire repeat customers

Some Features

Serve up Leads, Flyers, Videos and Live Videos

10% off 10minute quote » Starts from $1,297 Setup @ $697/mo
A.i. services

Why is your business not listed on the Behemoth of service providers in the world? Amazon!

Other companies are cleaning up through amazon and leading the way for home services. Over $75 billion is LOST annually by services since they lack the individual, human link with their clients. Why are you not seizing the unlimited possibilities?!!

Your business has a chance to install, assemble, maintenance and fulfill services to customers. Keep customers informed about company news updates in flash on alexa platform.

Today home solutions are supplied across all states w/more than 1200 various “service-products” provided.

Some Features

Setup Amazon Home Services, Rank on Amazon and Alexa Flash News

10% off 10minute quote » Starts from $1,497 Setup @ $397/mo
Media services

Is your company missing out on the 25 million visitors daily in the United States alone aiming to purchase something on Roku. Did you know over 85% of consumers have said they enjoyed a video online before purchasing choice?

Has a customer ever mention i saw your ad on TV? NOPE

Begin promoting or promoting your organisation via TV ads and TV channel. Exploit extremely qualified leads through involved listings of people that shop on the internet each and every single day.

These concealed video platforms is loaded with countless viewers hungry for your material & offers. Youtube, Netflix and Disney are already on Roku. 75% of consumers can remember a video clip ad they have seen in the previous month.

Some Features

Setup of Roku, Amazonfire, Video, Youtube, and Press Release.

10% off 10minute quote » Starts from $997 Setup @ $297/mo
social media services

Known Reality, only 8% of neighborhood services do Facebook marketing while the massive 92% think FB marketing is confusing.

Your business may be part of the 92% masses that refusing to market on FB. Social media platforms, i.e. FB, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, Linkedin. Can provide a 200% increase in business revenue.

Promote your product to over 1Billion clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Facebook has 1.8 Billion energetic users as well as Over 1 billion of them visit every day.

Some Features

Setup Social Media platforms, Advertisement Ad, Postings, Chat Service, Ranking on FB and Linkedin SEO, Live notification for deals and promotions

10% off 10minute quote » Starts from $697/mo. Per Platform
email services

Does your company have a strong follow ups, Bonds, and ways to Instill Stronger Credibility.

Customer ever refuse to provide their email address?

How about provide customers with monthly coupons subscribe to your press releases.

Customers loves sales and love to learn about the latest deals.

Some Features

Setup press release, email management and automation.

10% off 10minute quote » Starts from $997
brand marketing services

Self Sabotaging your own business without a logo?

Maintain repelling consumers with misaligned or poorly design logo design. This by far is among a lot of popular methods your company can fall short.

Easily communicate a remarkable message, that has a long-term impression with existing and future clients.

Inspire a community to share your image in a trendy atmosphere. A.K.A. social media, media and internet.

Some Features

Serve up tools for prominent logo design, flyers, business cards and marketing financing.

10% off 10minute quote » Starts from $1,297
reputation Management services

Did you know ‘Google’ is putting additional emphasis on a website and also company online reputation?

Phone stop ringing because of bad reviews? Well Google is tracking all these reviews actively. Which means your company will not be ranking on the first page. Who likes to have a bad rep?

Let us help you generate, collect positive reviews, and clean up bad reviews.

Consumers say they trust online reviews more than 90% according to Google.

Some Features

Setup Brand Awareness, Clean up on FB, Google, Yelp, Foursquare.

10% off 10minute quote » Starts from $797 Suite (Yelp, Bing, Google, FB)
health services

Researchers have discovered numerous health problems associated with stress, mental health, substance abuse, injury violence, Overweight and Obesity.

Keep that up you will be driving your health and well-being off a cliff to a mental breakdown.

We provide tools, that slows down your brain to understand solutions right in front of you.

Known fact you can reverse aging  and enjoy life more.

Some Features

Serve up tools that allow healthier life style & virtual services.

wealth services

Who feels like working till their 87 years old?

Why not invest in your future and reduce your J.O.B. commitment. Increase your portfolio of assets.

Residual income has withstood the test of time; with combination of compounding interest.

Some Features

Serve up tools that allow wealth building beyond your imagination.

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