Who Is Inlocon?

Inlocon Groups, Inc. is unique to the consulting industry in business and personal to say the least. We’ve accumulated professional knowledge to help attain daily goals and solve growth problems. Integrity is the focus by holding everyone accountable to get the best outcome for all parties involved. Our experienced team is your team, which allow a transformational style of planning, problem-solving, and decision-making.


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About Us 🙂

Our promise is to keep simple logic with you. Inlocon Groups, Inc. also has over 15+ combined years experience. We’ll create adjustable servicing plans, for specific results you or your company is looking to achieve, this shows the ultimate purpose for a company, and what really needs to be accomplished for company growth and personal success.


Our Purpose

We will continuously serve you with unbiased solutions and respect by making logical judgments, listening entirely to you, and treating you with reverence. We succeed and continue to help customers through the walk of a lifecycle and to take control of their financial opportunity (burden). Our company remains open to critics, education and ideas. This allows for the expansion of Personal Positive Consistency for generations to come. No one person can succeed alone. Our growth is measured only by giving back to every community we do business in. Just keep simple logic with you.

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2372 Morse Avenue, Ste. 299, Irvine CA 92614